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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


A Splendid Little War, or Santa comes to Panama
by John LamphierWe flew in with Santa to Panama for Christmas in '89, he perhaps brought toys; we brought bombs, both dumb and smart (could the smart ones recite Shakespeare? or perform quantum physics calculations? Perhaps, perhaps not. they all blew up $hit, they blew up people). The F-117's came in low, silent black bats silhouettted against the winter moon, bearing gifts of death and destruction to the slumdwellers in El Chorrillo, I went there looking for Noriega after their midnight visitation, i found bits and pieces of people (after 3 days in the tropical humidity the little morsels of flesh were rancid and dripping with vile black ichor, flyblown unrecognizable chunks of mystery meat) i didn't find Noriega, I didn't find his colonels, i found what i first thought was the scorched head of a black doll until i saw the maggots squirming in its eyesockets, animated grains of white rice. i was sick, for years afterward a meal of barbacoa, arroz y frijoles negros brought unbearable associations, a stench of spoiled, burnt pork, the rice crawling mindless and aimless, dropping off the edge of the cracked ceramic platei visited a palace in the verdant hills above Colon for valentine's day, its impenetrable walls topped with sparkling shards of glass, iron gates guarded by men, eyes black and buglike with sunglasses, submachineguns pointed carelessly but studiously in menace. Noriega was gone, the money launderers, bankers and traffickers remained high in fortresses overlooking shantytown of overflowing sewers, skinny mongrels, skinnier brothers selling sisters in the streets to the soldiers at Ft. Davis and Espinar.Howler monkeys screeched and clamored in muggy predawn darkness, accompanying the shrill squawking of the macaws in the trees, the jungle taking back the broken roads and shattered buildings, silently eradicating the physical scars and craters of this splendid little war, a Christmas holiday in Panama. thank you Santa, thank you Jesus, thanks for the memories.


At 7:42 AM, Blogger jay clark said...

john, you lying son of a bitch. i was stationed with you at the naval security group activity in homestead, fl during operation just cause. you were nowhere near the fighting. in fact, in 20 years in the navy, you never spent ONE day at sea. in fact, if the truth be told, luke wood and i were the only ones scheduled to go to panama during that timeframe, but due to comnavsecgru sensitivities, this was cancelled. where do you come up with this shit? i respect the fact that you are anti-war, but dont make up crap because you want to be another michael moorer, or however you spell that fat fucks name. anyway, i hope someone reads this. the only time you were ever in panama was probably to visit some whorehouse. i was stationed at nsga galeta island, panama from 1985-87 and never saw you there, you lying fuck. so there. jay clark, cryptologic techncian interpretive first class (surface warfare) retired, united states navy


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